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This animated video shows how to build a true bypass effects looper with usage of the MODULE SW and the SWITCH BTN.

The MODULE SW operates with a microcontroller and relay with noise suppression circuit, has a LED connection and is smaller than a 9 V block battery.

Heat the irons!

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„Hey Transformer VA, activate both outputs!“ – Yes it’s true: the LEHLE TRANSFORMER VA has a voice assistant, which can do a lot of useful things for you. It does not only switch or split, it also makes recommendations, autotunes your guitar, detects & eliminates noise, has a vintage flavor circuit and way more other features. It will be available in all of our new products with transformer and can be purchased at

We got post from Tjarand and seems like he’s happy again!
All you need is the SWITCH BTN-C with connectors for Strymon pedals and your pedal is #lehlefied in less than a few minutes.

Thanks Myke!
 „#lehlefied a couple wonky switches on my trusty Triple Delay. It was so easy to do and they work so well, I’ll do the other
two soon (and possibly my Ditto x4).“

Check out the new LEHLE SWITCH BTN-C. It fits perfectly for any effect pedal like Strymon, whose switches are connected via a 2-pin connector.
No soldering required, means: no excuses! With the LEHLE SWITCH BTN-C you get your Strymon pedals #lehlefied!
Attention: only for the V2 versions.