Lehle, 2017 and Cats

LEHLE just arrived in 2017 and now they start blogging? Seriously? Aren’t there already enough blogs about “How-to“, “Pedalboard-whatsoever“ and cats? Yes, there are (maybe not about cats), but I am (Joki, the support guy) hanging around in forums and pedal groups, posting and replying why a LEHLE DC-FILTER will help here and not there, or why a passive splitter is not the same as a buffer. What? It’s not the same? Tell me more! Absolutely.

“It works!”

Let’s say we want to share a bit of our knowledge we collected in the years of research and being a manufacturer. Endless hours of pcb drawing, comparing parts and finally the pedal works (or not)!

At the same time I get lots of mails in our support mailbox. Technical questions, requests for help, movies – even a power point presentation has arrived once. I have endless papers with setup solutions and bazillions of replied mails.
And while for me it always has been a pleasure, listening to and learning from someone who has great knowledge, we thought why should we not share this knowledge with you?
I absolutely understand, that a musician doesn’t want to have a study in physics, maths or electronic engineering. Musicians want to make music!

“I have a car!”

I have a driver’s license and I’m driving a car, but I don’t know every little part and screw of that thing in the front, what’s the name, yes, motor.
So if I need help with my car, I ask someone who has the knowledge or go to a car workshop. Or wait, what if I take that cable and this screw…I just would need to fix it a little bit here… oh, there’s some liquid leaking. Ok, I leave it at that.

Our and my goal here in this super-fancy blog is to give you an easy understanding of nerdy stuff, e.g. what’s happening inside of switchers, why it’s better not to daisy-chain the power to pedals or what’s the difference of a buffer to a splitter. And we want to do this in a language everyone understands. If my grandma approves a story we’re posting it.

Of course we are planning some other categories like artist related stuff, backliner- and tech-interviews or just design & art in general.
And cats.